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the ideas that make trading easier.

We are a Polish start up. Previously we worked for governments, public organizations and corporations now we are working for you.

What makes us stand out is the combination of expert knowledge with life experience. Our customers see it on their accounts that our products work.

New Assistant ™ is the IT solution simply for a shop like yours.

How do we know that? Because we are also shop owners.


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SimpleStep was created to transform the talents, knowledge, and experience of exceptional software developers into useful and practical shop-functioning solutions.

We are software developers who are thinking about improving shop operations and we do create what is really needed to achieve it.

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We have been involved in running a few grocery shops in Poznań for years. We understand how hard this work is and we know its rules inside out.

That’s why we say ”we understand the code and the trade.” It is a very rare combination.

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The Assistant™ is a product which is changing every shop it appears in for the better – we are serious – because we saw our own shops change and then we saw our customer’s shops.

It will be a waste of time and money if the situation doesn’t change. Let’s talk about it!

Piotr Nowicki

Software engineer with 15-year experience and IT project manager.

He gained competences in gas and oil industries, banks, higher education and file sharing systems.

SimpleStep is his new project which he cocreates with Maciej – 100% – giving solutions and tools the trade is in desperate need of. The solutions no one has ever been able to give.

Maciej Stańczyk

IT specialist and software engineer responsible for computerization of mobile phone points. Entrepreneur, service and creator of IT solutions for businesses.

Has been related to retail trade, co-manages several grocery shops, working on optimization of shop operation – the Assistant™ is one of them.

SimpleStep changes this experience into quality available for every shop owner.

Business is all about people. You can rely on us — we will do our best so that you can feel it during the first conversation.